January 2, 2012

Easy Ways to save for Next Celebration

One of my resolutions is to accumulate points to
redeem as gift Cards from Amazon or Target.
Search & Win
I use Swagbucks to search everything on the
web. I don't use anything else. As I search
some stuff, Swagbucks gives me points that
I accumulate to redeem later.
I usually order Amazon Gift cards or Starbucks.
Swagbucks is safe, No Spam.


Superpoints offers you to accumulate points when
you invite your friends. You get 25 points per every friend
you invite. Remember you should upgrade to basic status
before you may earn any points from friends. To be on the basic status, you should
upload any picture and answer some simple questions. If your status is not
basic, you will not earn points when the friends you invited earn points.
I have also redeem Amazon Gift cards from Superpoints.
There are other many ways to earn points with superpoints
such as playing the lucky button and taking simple surveys.
Superpoints is also safe, no Spam.
Take the following invite and start with Superpoints.

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