August 14, 2011

The Shave Club!

Have you heard of the Dollar Shave Club?
well, here is your opportunity to sign up.
Twin stainless steel blades, an Aloe Vera lubricating strip,
a pivot head, and compatibility with all Gillette Sensor sticks.

When you register, you are able to select the plan that meets
your needs. Plans come in 2-Year ($24), 1-Year ($18), 6-Month ($10.74),
and there is even a Pay-As-You-Go Plan ($1.99) for the commitment-phobic shaver.
They also have a bulk-ship option: Instead of monthly shipments,
you can opt to have all the cartridges (e.g. 12 cassettes of 5 cartridges for the 1-year plan)
shipped at once instead.
Joining is easy: Simply choose your plan and checkout. Happy Shaving!!

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