June 19, 2011

My weekend Shopping trip

Food coupons come in handy when shopping. The Kellogg's special is what I would call the deal of the week. This deal in Kroger is good for one more week. The Kellogg's/ Cars 2 deal will end on 6/28.
Cars 2, the movie, is being promoted through specials in all grocery stores and some pharmacies. I like to shop before I post anything; that way, I do the work and you don't waste your time finding the food deals currently available.

Bought 10 boxes of participating Kellogg's cereal $19.99
Used 2 coupons from RP 5/15 -$2.00 Mini-Wheats (4 boxes)
Used 2 coupons from RP 5/15 -$2.00 Raisin Bran (4 boxes)
Used 2 Printed coupon here -$1.4 Raisin Bran (2 boxes)
Paid $14.50 or $1.45 per box

I also bought
6 boxes of Kleenex Hand towels $1.69
4 boxes of real fruit Flavored Snacks (cars 2 logo) $1.79
Used 6 coupons from SS 5/22  for Kleenex hand towels -$.75x6=$4.50
2 coupons for fruit snacks on display by fruit snacks -$2.00
Paid $7.22
You can buy all these in one shopping trip for a total of $21.72.
A savings of 60 %

In addition, you can get a $10 gas cash rebate found in the Kellogg's website here under Rewards. If you get the reward, your total savings from purchasing Kellogg's might be more than 70%

Shopping at Walmart
2 Benadryl Itch Relief Stick $2.28 each
Two First Aid to Go Johnson & Johnson kits $.97 each
Used 2 coupons from 6/19 RP -$4.00 for Benadryl
Used 1 coupons from Tear pad at the grocery store -$1.5
Paid $1.00
A savings of more that 85%.

In Walgreen's:
I bought the Fusion Pro-Glide  pack. (Includes full size razor, thermal face scrub, intense cooling lotion, and Gillette body wash-travel sizes) $9.99
One Royal Gelatin $.19
Used 4 RR from previous transactions
Used P&G coupon from 6/5 -$4.00
Paid: $2.18 Received -5 RR

There are many deals at CVS this week, I honestly have not made it there yet.
I will share my shopping trip, once I complete it.

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