June 15, 2011

Kroger Deals starting 6/15 to 6/21 Texas/Lousiana Area

I went krogering today and found these:

Kellogg's cereal $1.99 each when you buy at least 5
Juicy Juice $1.99 when you buy 5
You can mix and match these two offers as follow:
Example includes Kroger discount
Buy 4 Kellogg's participating cereal (Mini Wheats is participating item in my area) $7.96
Buy 1 Juicy Juice $1.99
Use 2 Kellogg's mini-Wheats coupons from RP 5/15 -$2.00
Use 1 Juicy Juice Coupon from All You Mag. July edition page 131 -$1.00
Raisin Bran is also a participating item; coupon can be found on RP 6/12
Total to pay: $6.95 or $1.39 each item
If you don't have the All you coupon, then mix and match your cereal purchases; make sure you buy by 5s to get the offer.
If you buy 10 boxes of cereal your total cost would be $14.90 or $1.49 a box (using 5 coupons)

Bottom Line: It is not free; If you are out of cereal you are Out!! "You are still trading with paper and saving money."
Price sure is better than $2.99 a box.

I also went to Fiesta (Houston, TX area) to buy vegetables
I bought Roma tomatoes at $.59 a pound, so far the cheapest in the area that I am aware
Cucumbers  2 for $1.00
I needed them to make a Greek salad as follow:
Peel cucumbers, slice them in half length wise, then cut them in pieces (big, small, whatever you like)
Cut each tomato in 4ths or sixths also length wise (do not cut further)
Add oregano, salt, olive oil, and vinegar to taste. It is simple, healthy, and Yummy!!!!
If you like feta cheese you can add that to the salad

I went to HEB
I bought the Fajita Meal deal (it is a decent deal)
I bought the beef and the chicken thighs, we use those for BBQing

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