June 20, 2011

CVS Shopping trip.

These are the deals that stand out for CVS. Scan you card before you start any shopping; you might get good coupons that you might be able to use with these transactions. If you have Extra Bucks (EB) to start, that is awesome, your Out of Pocket (oop) will be less.

Transaction # 1
Buy Colgate Total $2.79
Buy Hershey's Bliss $5.99
Buy Revlon Nail $4.99
Use Colgate coupon from SS6/12 -$1.00
Use Hershey's coupon from SS5/1 -$1.00
Use Revlon coupon from  SS4/10 -$1.00
Pay $10.77 Get EB totaling $10.99 (printed on bottom of receipt)

Transaction # 2
Buy Pampers Diapers $20.00
Buy Desitin $5.50
Use Pampers coupon from PG 6/5 -$1.50
Use Desitin coupon from SS 4/17 -$.75
Use all EB from transaction #1 above -$10.99
Pay 12.26 Get One $10 EB
You might pay less if you are lucky and the machine prints either a $4.5 coupon for diapers, a $2.00 Huggies wipes, and/or a $3/10 diaper purchase coupon. If you get the Huggies wipes coupon, don't buy the Desitin, buy the  wipes instead and use the $.5 coupon from SS6/12 instead.
You may use printed coupons and EB in addition to manufacturer's coupons.
If you get all three or any coupons printed that are related to any of these items that you are buying, be sure to use them.

Transaction # 3
Buy Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation $11.00
Use coupon from PG 6/5 -$1.00
Use EB from transaction #2
Pay $0.00 Get 4 EB to spend later

Happy CVSing

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